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Cycle me home, fixed gear video

"In the summer of 2011, a few film students and bike lovers decided to make a documentary movie. The original idea came from Levi, a Hungarian film student, who went to Madrid for 5 months to study, and after finishing school there, he decided to go back to Budapest on his fixie bike and asked the people of Europe to join him on his way. The journey started in July, at the European Cycle Messenger Championship, Madrid and ended at the gates of Sziget Festival, Budapest in August. Friends from film schools of Budapest, Madrid and London joined the trip to make a road-movie about the challenges and most of all the fun that Levi and the other riders had on the way to Budapest."

Cycle me home

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Catayan Streets and Hills, fixed gear video Manila

"CATAYAN crew riders run through the streets and kill hills around cities of Rizal."

Manila Fixed Gear

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It can be the simplest details that excite and pull together a design.

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